Early stage lung cancer: road to a cure

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Scarica il programmaDear colleagues,
It is my great pleasure to invite you to attend an international meeting “Early Stage Lung cancer:The Road to cure NSCLC” which will be held in Rome, the Eternal city, at San Camillo Forlanini Hospital on November 25th.
The aim of our one-day interactive course is to Increase your understanding of the current evidence for early lung cancer detection and screening, as well of international successes and challenges regarding the implementation of screening programs. We will assess the newest criteria for screening, the role of biomarkers and we will learn how to manage screening detected nodules. Great attention will be paid to the different techniques employed to localize screening detected nodules. Interaction with internationally renowned experts and colleagues from around the globe via live Q&A will be possible for attendants.
The course will be offered in an hybrid version: most Faculty members will attend in-person, while attendants will follow online via our platform (preferred choice) or, in a small number, subject to COVID-19 restrictions, in-person.
Looking forward to meeting you in Rome.

Giuseppe Cardillo



  • 08.00 Registration
  • 09.00 Introduction to the Meeting: G. Cardillo
  • Greetings of the San Camillo Forlanini Hospital manager
  • Greetings of the President of the Italian Society of Thoracic Endoscopy (SIET)
    (F. Melfi)
  • Greetings of the president of the Italian Society of Thoracic surgery (SICT)
    (R. Crisci)
  • Greetings of the Past-President of the Italian association of hospital surgeons (ACOI) (P. Marini)

Overview Of the Current evidence for Lung Cancer early detection and Screening I

Moderators : R. Crisci (L’Aquila) – V. Donato (Rome) – G. Marulli (Bari) – P. Solli (Bologna)

  • 09.10 Benefits and Harms of Lung Cancer Screening by Chest Computed Tomography: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (F. Passiglia, Turin)
  • 09.25 Canadian experience in lung cancer screening (S. Lam, Vancouver)
  • 09.40 Asian experience in lung cancer screening  (A. Sihoe, Hong Kong)
  • 09.55 The 2021 USPSTF lung cancer screening guidelines: a new frontier (Y. J. Chi-Fu, Boston)
  • 10.10 Discussion

Overview Of the Current evidence for Lung Cancer early detection and Screening II

Moderators : M. Caterino (Rome) – F. Facciolo (Rome) – M. Benvenuti (Brescia) – F. Sollitto (Foggia)

  • 10.30 Imaging quality and dose requirements in low-dose CT (M. Silva, Parma)
  • 10.45 Early detection of lung cancers with high resolution volumetric CT (Y. Shen, Shangai)
  • 11.00 Latest CT technologies in lung cancer screening (A. Nair, London)
  • 11.15 Key implementation issues in lung cancer screening worldwide: beyond the pilot phase (M. Oudkerk, Groningen)
  • 11.30 Lung cancer screening in Italy: it’s time to move on (U. Pastorino, Milan)
  • 11.45 Discussion

Lung cancer screening implementation and pre-test probability of malignancy

Moderators: M. Ibrahim (Rome) – S. Margaritora (Rome) – E. Mercadante (Naples) – F. Raveglia (Monza)

  • 12.05 The implementation methodology from Manchester (R. Booton, Manchester)
  • 12:20 Models to estimate pretest probability of malignancy: Risk calculator (P. Crosbie, Manchester)
  • 12:35 Risk models to target population at risk and define the best screening interval (G. Veronesi, Milano)
  • 12.50 Comparative Modeling Analysis of Risk-Based Lung Cancer Screening Strategies (K. ten Haaf, Rotterdam)
  • 12.50 Discussion

The challenge of biomarkers and the role of smoking cessation

Moderators: V. Ambrogi (Rome) – A. Leone (Rome) – M.R. Migliorino (Rome) – R.S. Principe (Rome)

  • 13.05 Biomarkers and therapeutic markers in early stage: do they make the difference? (W. Cooper, Sydney)
  • 13.15 Lung cancer screening and smoking cessation: may a “teachable moment” reduce overall mortality? (F. Lococo, Rome)
  • 13.25 Smoking cessation programme: the lesson learnt from Ital-lung (L. Carrozzi, Pisa)
  • 13.40 Discussion
  • 13.45 Lunch

Preoperative techniques for pulmonary nodes localization

Moderators: R. Cianni (Rome) – M. Cortale (Trieste) – G. Galluccio (Rome) – E. Ruffini (Torino)

  • 15.05 Conventional techniques (M. Jimenez, Salamanca)
  • 15.20 The hybrid operating room in modern thoracic surgery (E. Roessner, Meinz)
  • 15.35 Electro Magnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (K. Lau, London)
  • 15.50 Q&A Discussion

IASLC’s President-elect honorary lecture

Moderator: G. Cardillo

  • 16.05 Subsolid lesions: at the border of two worlds (P. van Schil, Antwerp)
  • 16.35 Coffee Break

Management of screening detected subsolid nodules

Moderators: F. Melfi (Pisa) – M. Refai (Ancona) – E. Rendina (Rome) – M. Torre (Milano)

  • 16.50 Segmentectomy for early stage lung cancers -the Shanghai Chest Hospital perspectives (V. Fang, Shangai)
  • 17.05 Implementing VATS segmentectomy in early stage NSCLC (R. Petersen, Copenhagen)
  • 17.20 Is there a space for Radiotherapy in early stage ? Pro vs Con Radiotherapist’ view (D. Owen, Rochester) vs Surgeon’s view (M. Infante,Verona)
  • 17.50 Discussion
  • 18.05 Take home message (G. Cardillo)


AMBROGI VINCENZO (Rome), Prof. Associato Chir. Toracica Università Tor Vergata Roma, Rome, Italy
BENVENUTI MAURO (Brescia), Direttore U.O.C. Chir. Toracica , Ospedali Riuniti Brescia, Brescia, Italy
BOOTON RICHARD (Manchester), University Hosp. of South Manchester NHS Foundation, Manchester, UK
CARROZZI LAURA (Pisa), Prof. Ordinario, Direttore Pneumologia Az. Osp. Universitaria Pisana, Pisa, Italy
CATERINO MAURO (Rome), radiologia Istituti Nazionale Tumori, Rome, Italy
CHI-FU YANG JEFFREY (Boston),Thoracic surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital , Boston, USA
CIANNI ROBERTO (Rome), Direttore Radiologia Interventistica, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
COOPER WENDY (Sydney), Pathology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia
CORTALE MAURIZIO (Trieste), Direttore U.O.C. Chirurgia Toracica, Trieste
CRISCI ROBERTO (L’Aquila), Prof. Ordinario Chirurgia Toracica, Univ. L’Aquila, Italy
CROSBIE PHIL (Manchester), Academic Respiratory Physician University of Manchester UK
DONATO VITTORIO (Rome), Direttore Dipartimento Oncologia, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
FACCIOLO FRANCESCO (Rome), Dir. U.O.C. Chir. Tor. , Istituto Regina Elena IFO, Rome, Italy
FANG VINCENT (Shangai), Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Shangai Chest Hospital, China
GALLUCCIO GIOVANNI (Rome), Direttore U.O.C. Pneumologia , Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
IBRAHIM MOHSEN (Rome), Prof. Ordinario Chirurgia Toracica, Universita’ La Sapienza, S. Andrea, Rome, Italy
INFANTE MAURIZIO (Verona), Direttore U.O.C. Chir. Toracica , Az. Ospedaliera Integrata Verona, Verona, Italy
JIMENEZ MARCELO (Salamanca), Professor of Surgery and Chief of Thoracic Surgery , Salamanca University Hospital, Spain
LAM STEPHEN (Vancouver), Professor of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
LAU KELVIN (London), Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, UK
LEONE ALVARO (Rome), Dirigente biologo, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
LOCOCO FILIPPO (Rome), Prof. Associato Chir. Toracica, Univ. Cattolica S. Cuore, Rome, Italy
MARGARITORA STEFANO (Rome), Prof. Ordinario Univ. Cattolica S. Cuore, Dir. Chir. Torac. Pol. Gemelli, Rome, Italy
MARULLI GIUSEPPE (Bari), Prof. Ordinario Chir. Toracica, Università Bari, Bari, Italy
MELFI FRANCA (Pisa), Prof Associato, Direttore Centro Multipsecialistico Chir. Mini-invasiva e Robotica, Az. Osp. Univ. Pisana, Pisa, Italy
MERCADANTE EDOARDO (Naples), Direttore U.O.C. Chir. Toracica, IRCS Pascale, Naples, Italy
MIGLIORINO MARIA RITA (Rome), Direttore U.O.S.D. Oncopneumologia, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
NAIR ARIUN (London), Dept of Radiology, University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK
OUDKERK MATTHIJS (Groningen), Professor of Radiology University of Groningen, Groningen, Holland
OWEN DAWN, Ass. Professor, Radiation Oncology, Mayo Clinic Foundation, Rochester, USA
PASSIGLIA FRANCESCO (Torino), Dipartimento Oncologia , Universita’ Turin, Italy
PASTORINO UGO (Milan), Direttore Chir. Toracica Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan, Italy
PETERSEN RENE (Copenhagen), Professor of Thoracic Surgery, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark
PRINCIPE ROSA STELLA (Rome), Center for Tobacco prevention and therapy, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
RAVEGLIA FEDERICO (Monza), Chirurgia Toracica, Ospedale Monza, Italy
REFAI MAJED (Ancona), Direttore U.O.C. Chir Toracica,Ospedale Le Torrette Ancona, Ancona, Italy
RENDINA ERINO ANGELO (Rome), Prof. Ordinario, Univ. Sapienza Rome, Direttore Chir. Toracica Osp. S. Andrea, Rome, Italy
ROESSNER ERIC (Meinz), Head of Thoracic Surgery , University Hospital Mainz, Germany
RUFFINI ENRICO(Torino),Prof.OrdinarioChir. Toracica, Università degli Studi di Torino, Torino, Italy
SHEN YAN (Shangai), Dept. Of Radiology, Shangai Chest Hospital, Shangai
SIHOE ALAN (Hong Kong), Honorary Consultant in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Gleneagles Hospital, Hong Kong
SILVA MARIO (Parma), Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Parma, Parma, Italy
SOLLI PIERGIORGIO (Bologna), Direttore U.O.C. Chir. Toracica Osp. Maggiore, Bologna, Italy
SOLLITTO FRANCESCO (Foggia), Prof. Ordinario Chir. Toracica, Università degli Studi di Foggia, Foggia, Italy
TEN HAAF KEVIN (Rotterdam), department of Public Health at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, Holland
TORRE MASSIMO (Milan), Direttore U.O.C. Chir. Toracica Osp Niguarda Milano, Milan, Italy
VAN SCHIL PAUL (Antwerp), Dept of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, University Hospital Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium
VERONESI GIULIA (Milan), Prof. Associato Univ. S. Raffaele, Dir. Chir. Torac. Robotica Osp S. Raffaele, Milan, Italy


CIANNI ROBERTO (Rome), Direttore Radiologia Interventistica, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
CIPRANI FABRIZIO (Rome), Direttore Centrale di Sanità, Ministero dell’Interno, Rome, Italy
CORTESE ANDREA (Rome), Direttore Radiologia, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
DONATO VITTORIO (Rome), Direttore Dipartimento Oncologia, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
GALLUCCIO GIOVANNI (Rome), Direttore U.O.C. Pneumologia , Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
GARUFI CARLO (Rome), Direttore U.O.C. Oncologia, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
GAMUCCI TERESA, Direttore U.O.C. Oncologia medica, ASL RM2, Rome, Italy
GRAMMATICO PAOLA (Rome), Prof. Ordinario Genetica, Univ. Sapienza Rome, Italy
GRILLO ROSA LUCIA (Rome), Direttore U.O.C. Anatomia Patologica, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
MANGIALARDI NICOLA (Rome), Direttore U.O.C. Chirurgia Vascolare, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
MARINI PIERLUIGI (Rome), Direttore Dipartimento DEA, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
MIGLIORINO MARIA RITA (Rome), Direttore U.O.S.D. Oncopneumologia, Az. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
MUSUMECI FRANCESCO (Rome), Direttore Dipartimento CardioToraco Vascolare, AZ. Osp. San Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy
SARNI ANTONELLA, Direttore U.O.S.D. Pneumologia, Ospedale Latina, Italy
ZAPPA MARIA CRISTINA, Direttore U.O.C. Pneumologia, ASL RM2, Rome, Italy




Participation will be reserved for the first 50 Surgeons
The registration form will be available soon online on the CEC website


Registration is free of charge and it will be required to fill in the form on CEC website


€ 150,00 incl.VAT
Residents: free of charge
Beyond the date of 2 November 2021 the registration fees, in case of absence, can no longer be refunded

Bank transfer in favour of: CEC Comunicazione Eventi Congressi Srl
c/c n. 4385X11 – ABI: 05696 – CAB: 03210 – CIN: J Banca Popolare di Sondrio Ag. 10
Eur Laurentina IBAN IT83J05696032 10000004385X1


Regularly enrolled participants will be entitled to the certificate of participation that will be available to download on the CEC website in your log-in area

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